Welcome to the home of the world famous Northwest Cherries.

 This site is the main source for all of the latest news and information about sweet cherries from the Northwest including: health information, recipe ideas, tips on freezing, canning and drying, as well as information about the famous growing region located in the great Northwest. More than 2,500 growers in the Northwest work tirelessly throughout the year to bring to you the largest, sweetest, freshest, highest quality sweet cherries available.

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Cherry on top? More like cherry in my margarita! 🍒🍹 On this #NationalMargaritaDay, why not try some new flavors out? Swipe for the full recipe!

Struggling to catch some zzzz’s? Melatonin can help... from cherries! 🍒

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland that, in addition to antioxidant activity, also plays a role in promoting healthy circadian rhythm and thus promoting healthy sleep patterns.

Cherries ...are one plant food source of melatonin! 😴

We cherryish each and every one of you. Sending you loves of love on this Valentine's Day! ♥️🍒 #HappyValentinesDay

Enjoy the big game today! Who are you cherrying for? Comment below to give them some extra luck!

Elevate those big game 🏈 snacks this weekend with the help of cherries. Swipe through for some of our favorites!

Satisfy that sweet tooth without worry! 🍒 Cherries boast a lower glycemic index than almost any other fruit. They release glucose slowly and evenly, so blood sugar levels stay steady longer.

That’s right, it’s the best month of the year - National Cherry Month! Follow along as we do what we do best - share delicious cherry packed recipes, tips and health benefits, fun usage ideas, and so much more. We ❤️ cherries! 🍒🍒

It has been a snowy 🌨️❄️ and very icy 🥶🧊 month in the Pacific Northwest. The trees are dormant, which helps prevent damage during winter. But rest assured - they are still working on their required chill hours for the upcoming 2024 crop. Depending on the cherry variety, this can be ...anywhere from 300-800 hours below 45° F during the dormant period. So, in the meantime, we will sit back and enjoy the fluffy white blanket of snow that covers the cherry orchards. 🍒🍒