January 11th, 2018

Pre-Cherry Institute Orchard Systems Tour

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Stop 1: 

1:00 p.m.

Finley Cherries

1721 Cottonwood Road, Pasco


4th leaf ‘Rainier’/’Gisela6’ and ‘Benton’/’Gisela6’

Y-trellised fruiting walls (Tatura, quad-V, double-V)


Stop 2:

Finley Cherries

Highland Drive, Benton City (east side just north of Ki-Be high school)


2nd leaf ‘Coral Champagne’/’Gisela6’ and ‘Benton’/’Gisela6’

Y-trellised fruiting walls


At these orchards we will discuss pruning and training to fruiting walls systems, trellis systems for shade and rain covers, use of platforms, mechanical pruning, pollinizer density and distribution, and other issues related to establishing and maintaining cherries to a fruiting wall system.


 Contact Matt Whiting with questions:   (509) 781-1580  or  mdwhiting@wsu.edu